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OFA - Good  WCC-1400G65M-NOPI       PRA Clear by Lines


Benson is a wonderfully moving dog with the greatest personality.  Ben is a slower maturing dog that took his first points at 18 months of age, and finishing with 3 major's 7 months later.   He started off with a bang going winners dog at Kachina and at his next weekend out at the Tucson cluster  went Winners Dog  all  four days he was entered including the supported show on Saturday.  He picked up his second major that spring at the Superstition shows and finished by Going BOW on Sunday in Flagstaff for his third major





                                                                                      A/C CH. PHI-VESTAVIA CARDACH AERON

                                                            Ch. Shadowalk GW Make Way For Morgan

                                                                                      A/C CH. SHADOWALK END OF THE INNOCENCE

                                  Ch. Shadowalk's Afara Benjamin                          

                                                                                     Ch Phi-Vestavia Nautilus

                                                           Ch. Shadowalk Glory Hallelujah

                                                                                     Ch Shadowalk A Dolly Pardon

        Ch. Kantasia's Benson of SunSpark

                                                                                      Ch. Spectrum Harlum Shuffle

                                                            Ch. Coedwig's Carbon Blue

                                                                                      Ch. Coedwig's Lilac

                                  Ch. Talbot's Pocketful of Posies

                                                                                     Ch. Tafrnwr Coedwig Blackstorm
                                                           Ch. Talbot's Darling Bud of May

                                                                                     Talbot's Sierra Sue



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