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(Ch. Larchmont-Warwick Bodacious  X Ch. Fantasy Farm Heart of Gold )



2008:  Katie is going to be come an assistance dog.  A wonderful opportunity for Katie to learn new things came along.  She will be trained to assist a hearing impaired couple in Vail Arizona.  Her new adventure starts in April.








                                                                                      Am/Can Ch. Salvenik Sea Treasure

                                                            Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus

                                                                                      Am/Can Ch. Phi's Amazing Grace

                                  Ch. Larchmont-Warwick Bodacious                 

                                                                                     Ch. Pluperfect Peace on Earth

                                                           Ch. Spectrum Warwick Shazaam

                                                                                     Ch. Davenitch Black Fox Barketa,CD

        Heart of Gold's Kiss Me Kate

                                                                                      Ch Heart of Gold Life of Riley

                                                            Ch Heart of Gold Blaze of Glory

                                                                                      Ch Heart of Gold Simply Emily

                                  Ch. Fantasy Farm Heart of Gold

                                                                                     Ch Davenitch Victorian Turret

                                                           Ch Fantasy Farm Water Witch

                                                                                     Ch Fantasy Farm Sunday Apron


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