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Lilly had a "LIT"  One puppy...but boy what a puppy he is.  Kantasia's Midknight Rambler now has 7 points and two majors from the puppy class.  Muss Lilly's sons are doing her proud.  Lilly is now a spayed happy couch potatoe.




                                                                                      Am/Can Ch Phi-Vestavia Nautilus

                                                            Ch. Spectrum Harlum Shuffle

                                                                                      Ch Davenitch Black Fox Barketa

                                  Ch. Coedwig's Carbon Blue                         

                                                                                     Winsdown Albert

                                                           Ch. Coedwig's Lilac

                                                                                     Ch Davenitch Coedwig Blue Violet

        Ch. Talbot's Pocket Full of Posies

                                                                                      CH. Rhdowen Chippendale HC

                                                            Ch. Tafrnwr Coedwig Blackstorm

                                                                                      CH. Springshire Tafarnwr Vivane HC

                                  Ch. Talbot's Darling Bud of May

                                                                                     Ch Coedwig's Buckeye

                                                           Talbot's Sierra Sue

                                                                                     Ch Pluperfect Parlor Maid

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