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2007:  Seager was bred to Kantasia's Sunspark Satin and Lace.  Look for Kantasia's Sunspark Saving Grace and SunSpark's Midnight Blizzard in the spring of 2008.


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                                                                                      Ch. Karnovanda's Care Bear

                                                            CH. Lakmat's Dustee BlueMoon

                                                                                      Ch. Tymberlyne's Blame It On Rio

                                  Ch. Bluemoon's Hakuna Mata                                

                                                                                      Ch. Sierra's Gambler

                                                           Sierra's Princessnesian

                                                                                      Ch. Sierra's Camille

          Kantasia's Old Time RockNRoll (ptd)

                                                                                      Ch. Innisfree's Snow Dancer II, CGC

                                                            Ch. Midsummer's Where Eagles Dare

                                                                                      Innisfree's Marianne

                                   Kantasia's Likes It RockNRoll

                                                                                     Ch. Kantasia's Mikie Likes It  

                                                             Ch. Kantasia's Likes It Satin 

                                                                                     Kantasia's Volcheetza






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