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Sunspark's Kantasia Donovan (Donovan) major pointed

Sunspark's Kantasia Dylan (Dylan)







Ch Aelwyd Total Eclipse of the Heart (resides with co owner)



Montaire's Kantasia Show No Mercy (resides with co owner)

















Ch. Sunspark's Heart Break Kid (Mikey)

Ch. Kantasia's Benson of SunSpark (Benson)

Ch. Coedwig's Ring of Fire (Cash)




Ch. Patimac's First Crush

Ch. Mantle's Journey to Taribethia (Journey)

Ch. Talbot's Pocket Full of Posies

Ch.Mantle's SunSpark Razzle Dazzle (Dazzle) 




Living with others....

Ch. Kantasia's Ride the Rhythm (Sly)

Ch. Shadowalk's Afara Benjamin

Ch. Kantasia's Blue Suede Shoes of Romaley (Presley)

Kantasia's Midknight Rambler (Major Ptd)

Kantasia's Sunspark A Pirates Life for Me


Heart of Gold's Kiss Me Kate (Ptd)

Ch. Aelwyd Little Fox of Escher (Audrey)

SunSpark's Kantasia Calypso (Calypso) ptd

Sunsparks Dixieland Rock

Kantasia's I Put a Spell on You (Love) ptd

Coedwig's Kantasia Black Velvet (Velvet) ptd

Kantaia's Sabil Big Girls Don't Cry

Gone but not for gotten!

Kantasia's Light My Fire


Ch. Talbot's Clarissa




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